Azure Assessment: 5 Weeks

Shaping Cloud

Prepare for cloud adoption and de-risk migration with Shaping Cloud’s Azure Assessment.

Adopt Azure with robust Migration planning and well-designed architecture.

With Shaping Cloud’s Azure Assessment service, we set the organisation up to migrate on time, reduce technical risk, and prevent disruption. The Azure Assessment will help you:

  • Understand what can be migrated using 5 R’s and identifying a migration approach
  • Identify remediation activities required prior to migration
  • Create the Azure Solution Design
  • Identify what order to migrate in and how long it will take to migrate
  • Understand Migration risks and dependencies

When to use the Azure Assessment Service

Azure Assessment is designed to be used prior to any Azure Migration. We can scale the assessment to cover anything from a single workload to multiple data centres. Shaping Cloud has a separate Azure Migrate and Modernise Service to help you implement the Migration Strategy and solution design.


Our Azure Assessment service is aligned to the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) and is split into two phases:

Discover Deployment of discovery tooling to create a high-level overview of the ICT estate. Followed by a workshop to apply business context and agree on a scope of the workload assessment.

Assess Deep dive assessment of each selected workload including dependency mapping, sizing, licencing limitations, and cost management requirements. This informs the creation of a target solution design, migration strategy, timeline, and risk assessment.


  • A high-level overview of the ICT estate
  • Migration strategy including timeline and risk assessment
  • Azure Solution Design
  • Recommendations

Why shaping cloud?

Tailored to you Whether your organisation is operating a complex enterprise-scale portfolio, consisting of vast platforms & workloads, or is simply seeking to deploy your first application, our Azure Assessment service can be tailored to you.

Experienced Team Shaping Cloud are a multi-Gold Microsoft Partner with 10 years’ of experience in Microsoft Technology. We have real-life experience in on-premises, legacy, and a broad range of software to support in-depth assessment. All our team are Microsoft certified with extensive technical and consulting expertise across the public and private sectors.

Working in partnership We work in partnership with your teams so that they can continue to build from and operate what has been implemented.


As part of this engagement, we will assess 5 workloads and recommend which workloads should be migrated first using the Shaping Cloud Azure Migrate and Modernise service. The discovery tooling needs to collect data for a minimum of 2 weeks. This time is not included in the timeline and is non-billable.

Engagement time and cost can vary depending on the scale and complexity of the customer requirements.