Azure Migrate and Modernise

Shaping Cloud

Successfully adopt Azure with Shaping Cloud’s Azure Migrate and Modernisation service.

Successfully adopt Azure with Shaping Cloud’s Azure Migrate and Modernisation service.

Migrate and Modernise Applications, Databases, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), Servers and data. Securely move to Azure from on-premises or other cloud providers, adopting best practices.

Partner with our experienced team to keep migration and modernisation on track

  • Delivering strategic transformation
  • Addressing Security risks from hardware or Software obsolete
  • Benefitting from extended support for older versions of SQL and Windows Serve
  • Exiting Datacentre
  • Avoiding Rising energy costs
  • Reducing your business’ carbon footprint

Shaping Cloud Azure Migration and modernisation Service can lift and shift and/or transform and move workloads depending on your needs. Migrate (lift and shift) – Quickly move compatible services with minimal management and operational changes. Modernise (transform and move) – For services that are not compatible with the cloud or have existing challenges. This option allows you to rearchitect existing services and adopt Cloud native services including PaaS to improve security, performance, cost-effectiveness, and user experience.

When to use the Azure Migration Service

Use this service if you have completed the Shaping Cloud Azure Assessment Service or have your own detailed Migration and Implementation Plan and target architecture that you would like us to review and execute.

We can scale the Migration and Modernisation depending on your requirements and can move anything from a single workload to multiple data centres.

If you want to Migrate or Modernise but don’t know where to start use the Shaping Cloud’s Azure Assessment Service to discover the ICT estate, assess your workloads and create a target solution design to kick-start your migration journey.


Our Azure Migrate and Modernise service is aligned to the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) and is split into two phases deploy and release.

Deploy: Completing the Migration and Modernisation of workloads against customer-approved designs. Deploying code for Modernisation so that it is repeatable and standardised. Release: Post Migration and Modernisation testing and validation including testing Azure VM communication to core infrastructure services. Smoothly transition the service to the operation teams.


  • Services Migrated into Azure with/without modernisation.
  • Migration and Modernisation documentation.
  • Standard operating procedures for the business-as-usual operations team including how-to scenarios.
  • Approach to evaluating and improving architectural best practice.
  • Recommended next steps.

Why Shaping Cloud?

Tailored to you: Whether your organisation is operating a complex enterprise-scale portfolio, consisting of vast platforms & workloads, or is simply seeking to Migrate its first application, our Azure Migration and modernisation service can be tailored to you. Experienced Team: Shaping Cloud is a multi-Gold Microsoft Partner with 10 years of experience in Microsoft Technology. We have real-life experience in on-premises, legacy, and a broad range of tools to support successful migrations. All of our team are Microsoft certified with extensive technical and consulting expertise across the public and private sectors. Working in partnership: We work in partnership with your teams so that they can continue to build from and operate what has been implemented.


Engagement time and cost may vary depending on the migration approach (lift and shift or transform and move), scale and complexity of the customer requirements. The above is based on one workload.