Shaping Cloud CAF Foundations Workshop: 5 Days

Shaping Cloud

We baseline & build cloud concepts - giving you confidence in your cloud migration planning & delivery, with clear cloud adoption boundaries for strong governance.

Shaping Cloud are a Microsoft Gold Partner with extensive technical and consulting azure expertise, delivering improved performance and maximum results. The scale of moving an enterprise to the cloud can be daunting. This, in addition to lack of internal capacity, can often stall migration. With the guidance, support and expertise from Shaping Cloud, organisations can be led down a clear practical path to moving to Azure.

Our 5 day Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) workshop supports your organisation along the Cloud Adoption Framework journey, giving you confidence in your cloud migration planning & delivery to Azure.

Each day will focus on key areas of you cloud journey:

Day One: Strategy - Alongside an introduction to CAF, we work with you to map your organisational goals to a cloud adoption strategy. Day Two: Governance - We introduce you to the five disciplines of cloud governance and how these are applied in Azure policy & process. Day Three: Architecture - High level architecture, aligned to your organisation and Microsoft best practise. Day Four: Acceleration - We review the methods and tools available to ensure resource consistency and deployment acceleration. Day Five: Review - We present back engagement outputs, set knowledge transfer and a clear plan for next steps.

By transitioning through Shaping Cloud’s CAF workshop it removes dependency and promotes independence. We work to transfer knowledge from our team to yours which will ultimately give you the best outcome on your Azure migration.