Azure Landing Zone: 5 Day Implementation

Shaping Cloud

Shaping Cloud's Azure Landing Zone Rapid Start solution will allow you to quickly deploy your infrastructure to begin migrating & building in Azure

Shaping Cloud are a multi-Gold Microsoft Partner with extensive technical and consulting Azure expertise, who listen to you to ensure maximum value. Our Azure landing zone rapid start service is designed to rapidly establish a sound foundation for your use - now and in the future. We’ll design the best solution based around your organisational needs and ensure it is fully aligned to Microsoft best practice.

Your organisation is unique and at Shaping Cloud, we understand that. We listen to you; we seek to fully understand your environment and build your landing zone according to what you need alongside Microsoft best practice and our 10+ years’ experience building these.

Our expert technologists use the latest tools including automation and DevOps to build out a landing zone in Azure that best fits your needs now and into the future. They will also work with your teams to help understand all of the ‘whys’ behind the ‘what’ and transfer knowledge so that they can continue to build from what has been implemented. You will be involved in all the key decisions around configuration of the landing zone, ensuring that your governance and decision-making processes are satisfied.

Whether your organisation is operating a complex enterprise-scale portfolio, consisting of vast platforms and workloads; or simply is seeking to deploy their first application, Azure landing zone can be tailored to you.