Cloud Strategy: 8 Wks Assessment (Health)

Shaping Cloud

Our strategic service provides you with direction and thought leadership on your digital journey,

With a vast portfolio of organisations within Health, our service has been designed to provide a view of how digital technologies can provide the most benefit to your organisation. We provide business analysis, map and cost your ICT infrastructure, plot a roadmap for cloud adoption and transforming your legacy workloads while seeking opportunities for rationalisation, risk reduction, and simplifying ongoing service management

Our approach delivers a powerful set of outputs that demonstrate where the biggest opportunities are right now for your organisation to move to the Microsoft Azure platform.


*Decision-ready Business Case for Microsoft Azure including full cost analysis *Detailed current state capture and future state designs *Total Cost of Ownership models *Project planning *Deep expertise in migrations to Microsoft Azure & assessing legacy apps

  • Full cost analysis builds the case for investment


  • Strengthen tactical and strategic decisions on moving to cloud
  • Easily understand costs, opportunities and business justification of cloud
  • Proven and transparent process, providing easy to understand results
  • Experienced consultants, architects and implementation specialists
  • Secure a low risk cloud migration through detailed planning
  • Identify ‘quick wins’ for early financial or operational payback


Week 1

  • Stakeholder Interviews and infrastructure discovery scripts are run Week 2-3
  • Mapping of current state architecture into an A0 diagram with a full Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Current State workshop to validate findings Week 4-6
  • Mapping of future state infrastructure into an A0 diagram with a full TCO
  • Future State workshop to validate findings Week 6-7
  • Production of detailed strategy and business case document showing the full Investment Case for transformation and the Return on Investment (ROI) Week 8
  • Executive Presentation with key stakeholders to present the strategy and agree on next steps