SHI Azure VMware Solution Implementation: 7-Weeks

SHI International Corp

SHI's Azure VMware Solution Migration services will help your team migrate your current VMware workloads from your on premise environment to Azure.

Azure VMware Solution Implementation

Azure VMware Solution (AVS) enables a fast path to the cloud, seamlessly migrating or extending existing VMware workloads from on-premises environments to Azure without the cost, effort, or risk of re-architecting applications or retooling operations. SHI will help you plan, implement, and migrate your workloads to AVS by the following activities:

Landing Zone Design & Deploy

  1. Review design requirements for applications and Azure environment.
  2. Discuss requirements associated with networking, security, and governance.
  3. Review Architecture requirements necessary for development of the AVS landing zone and build necessary deployment and governance strategy.
  4. Deploy AVS Landing Zone.

Assess, Design, and Planning

  1. Scheduling of collaborative remote working sessions for discovery, planning, and implementation.
  2. Review design requirements for applications, AVS environment, and virtual machine requirements pre and post migration.
  3. Discovery and assessment of in scope infrastructure, networking requirements, and Azure environment.
  4. Design new AVS environment.

AVS Deployment and Virtual Machine Migration

  1. Deploy AVS Environment.
  2. Configure connectivity between on premise network and AVS.
  3. Evaluate virtual machine migration schedules.
  4. Migrate test group of Virtual Machines.
  5. Validate test cases and expected results.
  6. Migrate virtual machines from on premise environment to AVS environment.
  7. Knowledge transfer and as built documentation review.
  1. Estimated price provided is based on the number of servers being migrated.
  2. Actual estimates for timeline and costs are dependent on the scope of the engagement