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Azure Managed Services: 5 Day Implementation

Sierra Systems

We maintain your Azure environment, 24/7. Backed by 35-years of established AMS best practices, Sierra Systems high quality Azure monitoring and support services brings peace of mind to Azure clients.

Sierra Systems has provided Managed Services to leading Canadian firms for over 35 years. Azure-based environments are kept safe, monitored, and regularly optimized using industry best practices. Increasingly complex monitoring assessments are provided daily, monthly, quarterly, and yearly, leveraging the latest Microsoft tools for alerts, viruses, and tuning.

By selecting Sierra Systems’ support, your environment receives

  • Azure Support – Creating VMs, storage, attaching drives to VMs and environment troubleshooting. Easily adjust your applications and storage to meet your needs.
  • Patching – Keeping your machines up to date ensures system reliability and your applications and data are always available.
  • Monitoring – 24/7 monitoring of your environment. We mitigate your risk through proactive monitoring and notification of events in Azure..
  • SQL Server and Storage on Azure – Management of Azure supported Microsoft SQL Server deployments. Let us worry about database administration, server configuration and all of the concerns that go with it.
  • Backups – Configuration and management of Azure backups, according to best practices and policies. Keeping your data secured is important so you can quickly recover from any incident and maintain business continuity.
  • Security - No one likes surprises, even less so nasty ones. Our team will detect and respond rapidly to security threats to your environment, minimizing impact to your business.

Through flexible delivery models, multiple services can be made available * Health Checks * Server Sizing * Administration * Security Management * Monitoring * Support