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PowerApps Cloud Challenge for Azure: 5 Day PoC

Sierra Systems

Sierra Systems’ assists you in achieving PowerApps business benefits quickly and cost-effectively in five days.

Experience the cost savings and efficiency benefits of PowerApps in only FIVE days

Improve your data entry and rapid application development capabilities quickly and cost-effectively.

The volume and variety of Azure data sources is rapidly increasing, and so is demand to manipulate this data. A shift from Access databases and small scripted solutions to self-serve forms and data storage is required to create business value for organizations.

The strength of PowerApps is also its liability. The simplified user interface helps users by only displaying limited options. This increases uptake, but hinders advanced business concepts. Any custom data source is unreachable, and intermediate functions require highly-advanced programming skills.

At Sierra Systems our experts review IT development from a business standpoint, assigning specialized talent to deliver the plans, code, testing, and maintenance needed. By cooperatively designing and building code that works, our experts can help you highten PowerApps’ abilities. By coding from the core C# our teams unleash the full potential of your Office365 investment.

Sierra Systems will help you utilize the data entry and rapid application benefits of PowerApps in this five-day proof of concept offering.

DAY ONE: We’ll identify your stakeholders and select a form with a limited data set (one to three tables, from one or two cloud data sources). We’ll then determine how many PowerApps environments are required, determine how GPS, image or video could be used in the PowerApp, and then create a PowerApp project.

DAY TWO and THREE: We will use your data source to build the PowerApp.

DAY FOUR: We’ll finish the PowerApp build, test, and deploy.

DAY FIVE: We’ll share PowerApp with stakeholders and review how to access and use it. We’ll explore the solutions and features and then discuss and plan next steps.

We can help unlock PowerApps and incorporate thousands of feeds into your business solution.