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Azure Integration Framework: 5 Day Implementation

Sierra Systems

Gain business value by synchronizing workflows that collaborate on data between applications. Design new Azure based workflows, unimpeded, with Sierra Connect.

Sierra Connect uses the Azure framework to move source data through a secure cloud, making it available for your other systems to utilize. Self-sufficient, Sierra Systems’ designed Connect to be easy-to-launch, and application agnostic. Sierra Systems can train your IT team to link any application’s source data - synchronizing your enterprise through the Microsoft Azure platform, and from that, to any connected application.

Sierra Connect creates a pool of enterprise data, for a do-it-yourself data source-to-data source solution that can be configured to synchronize the applications your teams need.

Connect to any open data source

  • Oracle to Microsoft SQL - Drastically cut integration time on migration projects with standard baseline data
  • Inventory to Warehouse- Popular & custom applications can be integrated for automated notifications
  • Social Media to Microsoft Dynamics - Reviews and reactions can feed sales reports and be matched to client profiles
  • Payroll to DropBox - Updates become available to your team, clients or suppliers
  • Project Management to ERP to Finance to Project Management - Modify budgets and update expectations based on the exact tracking of project tasks to burn-down schedules

The data is moved using Microsoft’s Azure Cloud standards for security and pre-tested integrations. Sierra Connect uses these standards to let your team pick from many connection data points, and feed it into almost all standard Microsoft applications, often with bi-directional workflow capability.

At the heart of Sierra Systems’ services is our ability to optimize business workflows to work together with new technologies, and help clients adopt the new workflows into their enterprise. We can help you design and implement the business value your organization has been waiting for, opening the door to the next generation of how work gets done.