Cloud Burst Spike in Demand 6 Weeks Implementation

Sify Technologies Ltd

Access additional Azure Cloud resources without service disruption

Sify helps organizations achieve a higher level of agility and flexibility by leveraging Azure cloud resources as and when the need arises. Our Azure Cloud bursting solutions ensure you a secure, high performance and reliable private network connection between the hosted private cloud and Azure West region to help you stretch multiple tiers across Sify Airoli DC and Azure West region.

Benefits of Sify’s Cloud Bursting Solutions • Flexible and secure scaling or expansion • Sify Cloud Anywhere offers • Single pane for Orchestration and Managed services across hybrid cloud deployment • Automation of on-premises to cloud interconnect • Universal policy model across hybrid cloud deployment • Unified network management and operations across hybrid cloud deployment • Consumption of cloud-native services • Business continuity and resiliency • Compliance with regulatory standards • Visibility of Cloud bursting resources • Better control for proper resource allocation • Secure framework with private connectivity & firewalls

USPs of Sify’s Cloud Bursting Solutions • Less than 2ms RTT latency between Sify Airoli DC and Azure West Region • Support Availability Zone equivalent capability for workloads in Azure • End-to-end solution including DC, Network, Applications, implementation and Managed Services • Sify Cloud Anywhere support automated deployments across Sify CI Cloud, Data Centers and Public Cloud offering unified Orchestration and Managed Services

Deliverables of 6 Weeks of Implementation Services

  1. Web-view summary of current and future state based on planned implementation
  2. Prescriptive list of actions and information on steps to achieve desired future state
  3. Pilot environment build and configuration
  4. Detailed Architectural Design based on POC

*Deliverables mentioned are not mandatory rather depends upon the analysis of Sify's delivery team.