Sify Azure Hybrid Cloud HA 2 Weeks Assessment

Sify Technologies Ltd

Achieving a high level of availability for applications running on Azure

Organizations across realms and verticals are heavily reliant on their IT backbone for running their mission-critical applications. Sify’s High Availability solutions with Sify Cloud Anywhere offering will help deploy an application in High Availability by stretching it across Sify Airoli Data Center and Azure West region. Sify Cloud Anywhere offers integrated single pane for Orchestration and Managed services across Sify CI Cloud, DCs and Azure. We can also configure a global load balancer to distribute traffic between Sify Airoli & Azure West for Failover & Active-Active Mode.

Benefits of Sify High Availability Solution • Reduced application outages • Sify Cloud Anywhere offers o Single pane for Orchestration and Managed services across hybrid cloud deployment o Automation of on-premises to cloud interconnect o Universal policy model across hybrid cloud deployment o Unified network management and operations across hybrid cloud deployment o Consumption of cloud-native services • Reliable and self-healing application releases (CI/CD) • Appropriate levels of monitoring and alerting • Tools and automation driven delivery process from deployment to managed services

USPs of Sify High Availability Solution • Less than 2 ms RTT latency between Sify Airoli DC and Azure West Region • Support Availability Zone equivalent capability for apps running on Azure • End-to-end solutions including DC, Network, Applications Implementation and Managed Services • Sify Cloud Anywhere support automated deployments across Sify CI Cloud, Data Centers and Public Cloud offering unified Orchestration and Managed Services

Deliverables of 2 Weeks of Assessment Service:

  1. Initial Discovery Phase
  2. Functional/Application & Infrastructure requirements
  3. Information gathering
  4. Confirmation for scope & Approach

*Deliverables mentioned are not mandatory rather depends upon the analysis of Sify's delivery team.