Azure Assessment and Migration Services: 3-Day Assessment

Signal Alliance

We offer to assist you in your migration journey by carrying out an assessment to understand all the needs of your workload. By doing this we are able to provide the estimated azure usage pattern.

We all experienced the pandemic in 2020 and this has shed light on the importance of remote work. Considering this, the cloud is the best option. Migrating to the cloud would ease your spending and help in providing support for windows server 2008 which has an extended life support on azure for three more years. That way you have ample time to plan to migrate to windows server 2016 or 2012.

Improve security and compliance

  • Azure is Microsoft and its direction for you to move your workload to the cloud is out of pure concern. All windows systems will receive security patches on time. The security configuration on the cloud gives the user the power to secure their systems fully
  • Centralized Visibility

    • On Azure you can see how the systems are performing, well defined metrics are available, and thresholds can be set incase of overload.
    • Breakthrough Productivity & Performance

      • Options like availability set are available to help balance the load on virtual machines when traffic increases. That way the visitors experience remains the same.
      • Azure is cost effective for all Microsoft products. AWS is 5x more expensive than Azure.

        • With the following benefits listed and more we hope to show you the possibility of what Azure Migration can do for you current workload. Below is an outlined framework that we use during the process. It is essential we do this, so as to outline a proper plan that is bespoke to your needs and most importantly ensuring that you journey to the cloud is cost-efficient.
        • Note: Terms, conditions, and pricing are custom to each engagement.