Application Modernization

Sii Sp. z o.o.

Modernize or redesign your existing applications. Make your business more effective and grow with Microsoft Azure Cloud

Application Modernization - Modernize current apps and data to cloud-first model

When you need to:

  • Upgrade your existing application or data bases or messaging mechanisms
  • Asses if your current logic and functional architecture really suits it’s purpose
  • As if your technical implementation details are following best practices and are easy to scale and maintain
  • Benefit of all good that Microsoft Azure gives you. Such as a) Performance, b) Scalability, c) Data collection and analysis, d) Monitoring tools & security and much more!

We can modernize or redesign your existing applications to suits better their purpose and help your business to benefit more when using Azure Cloud.

Our assessment service may provide following deliverables:

  • As-Is Analysis Workshop/ Brainstorming Session We want to get know your business context, current needs and any other factors you thin are important for your business
  • Business -Tech analysis Our experts (Solution Architects, Technical Leaders, Business Analysts, Lead Quality Engineers) will analyze your current solution and come with the proper analysis report and initial design concept
  • Design presentation We present to customer which factors we took as our KPI’s/ architecture drives and what are possible migration or redesign scenarios. We discuss together with customer our solution concept
  • Final presentation We present our final assessment results and solution design to customer. Possible deliverables are a) Assessment report b) Solution Concept with architecture vision, c) WBS (Work breakdown) document, d) Business analysis results document.