ISV Azure Migration: 3-Day Consulting Workshop

Sii Sp. z o.o.

Thanks to our competences and experience, we will help you migrate your solution to Cloud

We will help you define your migration goals and set the expected business results.

In order to successfully move your resources to Cloud, it is essential to identify your motivation: What benefits do you expect after migration? What changes can you expect and do these changes fit into your business development plans?


Day 1 - Workshop

We will provide pre-assessment of your solutions, architecture, your experience and your plans for development. We will focus to get a full picture of your needs. We also talk about your motivation to migration and your expectation after migration.

On second part we will present a demo overview of Microsoft Azure architecture and solutions. We also demonstrate what Microsoft Azure looks like, also from administrative perspective.

Day 2 – Workshop

During the second day, we will focus on services which could be important for you, we will describe their architecture, cost model and the use of best practices.

We will also describe how we can migrate your environment to those services and how to prepare to migration process.

At the end, we will try to perform a cost estimation of selected components/products in Microsoft Azure. We will teach you how to use Microsoft Azure Calculator and how to optimize costs in Microsoft Azure.

Day 3 – Reports and Summary

We will create documentation including Cloud Assessment Plan and recommendations, as well as the summary of the workshops.