Modern workplace Active Directory

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Modern workplace Active Directory implementation, migration and support

AD Active Directory is a centralized ​on-premise database that stores and manages the identities and access privileges of users, groups, and computers in a networked environment. AAD Azure Active Directory is a cloud-based identity and access management solution that helps organizations manage and secure access to resources in various environments, such as on-premise, cloud, and hybrid. ​AD and AAD can be integrated into ​a hybrid environment combining the advantages of both on-premise and Cloud solutions AAD Connect can be configured to synchronize on-premise accounts to Cloud and allow users to access Cloud resources.​

Active Directory addresses the following areas:

  • User and group management​
  • Multi-factor authentication​
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)​
  • Application and resource access control​
  • Integration with other Microsoft services​
  • Security and Compliance​
  • Reporting and Auditing​
  • Scalability and Flexibility​

Business Benefits of the Active Directory implementation:

  • Reduce IT operation effort by enabling single sign-on and self-service password reset​
  • Reduce IT operation effort by automating reccuring tasks​
  • Improve security and minimize effort with a standardized configuration​
  • Reduce security risks by configuring Multifactor Authentication and Conditional Access Policies​
  • Reduce security risks by vulnerability remediation on Domain Controllers​
  • Improve quality with global support​

The scope of Active Directory implementation, migration and support services:

  • Migration
  • Innovation and Automation
  • Security Assessment
  • Administration and Support
  • Clean-up