Azure Consultancy: 2-day Workshop

Sii Sp. z o.o.

Workshop on defining migration strategy to Azure, dedicated to Clients' business sponsors and IT Managers. Addressed topics: factors motivating migration, business results, ROI and risks.

The offer includes a two-day workshop during which the migration strategy will be defined. The workshop should be attended by business sponsors (stakeholders) and managers of IT departments. The strategy is based on Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework which consists of the following phases: strategy, plan, migrate and manage. The following issues will be discussed during the workshop:


Day 1: a) Discussion on factors motivating migration on Client's end, including, but not limited to:

  • Data Center/on-premise infrastructure Exit,
  • End of hardware/software support,
  • Cost savings and Azure agility,
  • Tech capabilities,
  • Merger and acquisitions,
  • Market demands,
  • Geoexpansion b) Presentation of Partner's case studies c) Discovering Client's needs and capabilities - outlining optimal approach

Day 2: a) Discussion on business results:

  • Fiscal: costs and investments, business unit/project/application cost settlement,
  • Agility: timer to market, provisioning,
  • Reach: global access, sovereignty,
  • Performance: SLAs, downtime, operations, reliability

b) Discussion on Client-specific business benefits (ROI) on the basis of information gathered on Day 1:

  • Business case: does public Cloud address all Client's challenges?
  • Financial model: investment in Opex at the expense of Capex, understanding Client's investment model/capabilities,
  • Cloud accounting: cost center, current and planned resource utilization, simplified procurement and budget planning

The result is a tailored strategy document prepared after workshops without the Client:

  • Client's current technological and business background,
  • analysis of potential Azure impact on reaching Client's assumed business goals,
  • increased Client's awareness of particular benefits to allow making well-informed decision on moving to Azure Cloud,
  • overview of next steps and pre-requisites to be fulfilled as part of Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework,
  • potential for further Cloud-based services