Microsoft Azure App Hosting Design 1-Wk Assessment

Sikich, LLP.

An Azure design to the customers application will be created based on the customers’ requirements. The design will include a structural design, monthly estimated cost & estimated installation services

In this 1-Week Assessment, Sikich will engage with the customers to identify the client’s business requirements, including:

  • Functional Requirements
  • Performance
  • High Availability
  • Scalability
  • Disaster Recovery

An Azure application hosting design will be created based on the customers’ requirements.  The design will include:

  • Design Description
    • Estimated Azure Usage
    • Estimated Installation Services
  • Subscription Details
    • Network configuration
    • Storage, Backup and Security Configuration
    • Hosting Service Description
  • Licensing Considerations

If the customer requires an installation script or Azure template, these can be produced for an additional fee.  

Scope of Work – Azure Consulting

  • Meeting to determine requirements
    • Define Requirements
    • Define Design Criteria
  • Create Design Description
  • Estimate Azure Consumption
  • Define Installation Procedures


  • Design Description
  • Azure Structural Architecture (Visio Diagram)
  • Azure Monthly Consumption Estimate
  • Installation Service Estimate
  • Fixed Fee – $2,000
  • Fixed Scope – Up to 4 servers and 1 service
  • Fixed Timeline – Delivered within 1 weeks of start of engagement

Week One Agenda

  • Meet to determine Requirements
  • Agreement on Solution Requirements
  • Start on Preliminary Azure Design
  • Submit Preliminary Design Description
  • Agreement on Preliminary Design Description
  • Start Final Design
  • Costing and Design Details
  • Meeting to present Final Design