Running SCOM in Azure: 5 Day Assessment

Silect Software Inc

Understand how to effectively and efficiently move your Microsoft System Center Operations Manager infrastructure into Azure.

There are many benefits of operating a System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) infrastructure in Azure. Azure provides a high performing, scalable environment allowing the addition of new storage, new SCOM servers, or expanded networking capabilities when it’s needed. This elasticity is very helpful when, for example many new systems are being added to SCOM as a result of a merger or a consolidation of management tools. In addition, organizations no longer have to “monitor the monitor” since the infrastructure now becomes Azure’s responsibility.

However moving SCOM to Azure takes careful planning to ensure there are no disruptions in service level monitoring when moving to the new platform. In addition the infrastructure needs to be optimized to ensure on-going operating costs are optimized.

The SCOM to Azure service assesses your SCOM infrastructure and provides a framework to move it into Azure effectively in a cost-efficient manner. We will provide recommendations to optimize and “clean up” SCOM and we’ll also provide estimates of the costs of running SCOM in Azure.