DevOps Acceleration Engine: 4-Month Delivery


The DevOps Acceleration Engine is a tailored and seamlessly integrated DevOps pipeline coupled with in-depth consulting services to quickly get your Enterprise shipping code with Azure-native output.

The primary goal of any Enterprise IT organization is to aggressively and strategically meet the needs of the business while continually improving Cost-to-Value equations across their teams.

Working directly with engineering talent within our clients, the Sirrus7 team first stands up their new integrated infrastructure, tunes it to their enterprise needs, and then immerses to work hand-in-hand across an entire 12-week working quarter.

The Sirrus7 DevOps Acceleration Engine is delivered on a unique, complete, and fully integrated technology framework:

  • One year of Github Enterprise – Source code management and team collaboration
  • One year of Private Terraform Enterprise – Automation and provisioning
  • One year of CircleCI – CI/CD platform note-CircleCI is an optional component for the bundle. Other CI/CD tools can be substituted and price will adjust accordingly.
  • One year of Sirrus7 “Mesa” Dashboard – Cloud based tracking and measuring of critical KPIs
  • Four months of Microsoft Azure Cloud – The framework and its output are Azure Cloud native
  • Four months of Sirrus7 services – Delivery of backlogged code into production on Azure

The result is co-designing architecture (microservices), developing features, and shipping code through to production - ultimately creating a new development paradigm which is able to continue its evolution and expansion beyond our engagement.