Microsoft Sentinel Consultancy: 5-Day Assessment


Leverage the Six Degrees qualified and expert cyber security consultants and engineers to configure Microsoft Sentinel correctly and gain valuable insight into cyber-attacks when they occur.

The Benefits of the Microsoft Sentinel Consultancy.

- Increase defensive posture through technology configured by accredited cyber security experts.

- Mitigate risks through automated detection and remediation.

- Investigate threats and hunt suspicious activities at scale and speed.

Evaluate Your Security Estate.
Evaluate your environment to establish data and system requirements to provide a robust security logging infrastructure. After the evaluation, Six Degrees will deploy and configure Microsoft Sentinel to your infrastructure, creating playbooks, workbooks, and analytical rules based on real use cases to protect against security incidents detected.

Expand Microsoft Sentinel’s Monitoring Capabilities.
Correct configuration of log ingestion sources, covering on-premises, private cloud and public cloud environments and associated detection rules, providing accurate and focused security alerts.

Review and Optimise Your Security Infrastructure. Optimise the Microsoft Sentinel configuration to reduce ‘false-positives’, ensuring focus is directed to security incidents that require further analysis and action.