Infrastructure Modernisation: 4 Day Workshop


Infrastructure Modernisation benchmarks legacy infrastructure against future requirements and outlines strategic and tactical options so that your infrastructure is securely migrated to Azure cloud.

The Benefits of the Infrastructure Modernisation Advisory

  • Increase revenue with access to a framework to scale your platform via Azure Cloud.
  • Improve security governance from a central platform to meet security and compliance requirement.
  • A solid foundation for networking to give you the ability to add services without causing disruption.
  • Define and improve identity rules to ensure the right people have the right access to your platform.
  • Define a management and monitoring structure for performance and create a resilient place for your workloads.
  • Meet Operational and Compliance Requirements
    Infrastructure modernisation is designed to help you evaluate and improve your current Azure Landing Zone infrastructure by aligning with cloud and CIS best practices enabling your organisation to increase revenue with access to a more scalable and flexible platform and enhance compliance by meeting data protection, security and statutory requirements.

    Access a Full Overview of Your Infrastructure
    Six Degrees will assess your current infrastructure to understand your current and future requirements. From this evaluation, you will receive an advisory report with the infrastructure modernisation options available, incorporating security by design.

    Expertise to Evaluate and Optimise Your Cloud Infrastructure.
    As one of only eight Azure Expert MSPs in the UK with over 200 of the most accredited and experienced cloud champions, Six Degrees follows best practices around the Cloud Adoption Framework that has successfully helped over 300 organisations with cloud transformation.


  • Day 1: Customer discovery workshop to assess your current infrastructure.
  • Days 2-3: Advisory report with modernisation options created.
  • Day 4: Customer presentation and recommendations.