AI implementation: 3-Month project for tailored solutions and consultancy services

Skyhaus BVBA

ML6 develops tailored AI solutions for tangible business impact and helps your organization accelerate in building AI/ML skills internally.

ML6 is a specialist in AI, covering all different functional domains of AI (eg computer visions, NLP, structured data & time series). We are a scale up of close to 100 people, of which the majority are engineers who have built up quite an extensive experience in working on Azure. We make sure we stay ahead of the market by enabling all of our engineers to invests time in applied research and in spotting and testing the new AI technologies that roll out on Azure. In doing so, we can can offer our clients future proof solutions.

This focus on R&D is an important part of our strategy; and is fully in line with our ambition to focus on the more complex and/or customer specific AI use cases, preferably in the core business of companies and aiming to enable them to make fundamental changes to their way of working.

Through the work we did with our clients in different industries, we have built a solid expertise in the development of AI solutions which bring tangible business value. At the same time, we gained invaluable experience in topics like MLOps (making sure AI solutions can be run, maintained and continuously improved in production in an efficient way), data architecture & organisation (including data quality), cloud architecture and cloud security (including a hybrid cloud set-up), etc. Expertise which we apply in practice on the AI solutions we create, and which we also offer to our clients through advisory tracks. We are strongly committed to building secure, trustworthy and ethical AI solutions that have a lasting, positive impact on society and our environment.

The current offer involves a 3-Month project in which our team will examine your data and develop a solution on Azure. This solution will utilize SQL Server, Azure SQL Database, Azure Machine Learning, Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Databricks and Azure Analysis Services.

We have offices in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland; and intend to further expand that international presence gradually over the next years.

Precise pricing and timeline will depend on the solution scope and business impact.