Azure Take Off Assessment: 2-Days (Remote)


SkyOps Take off is a cloud services offer that helps you move to the cloud in a faster and smooth way.

The goal of this workshop is to understand the existing platform either you already started using Azure or just decided to make a move, and provide you with a plan to build the Azure foundations and start deploying and migrating your applications confidently. The workshop will be divided in two days,

Day 1

We'll organize different sessions to talk about the following:


  • Existing on-premises or other clouds applications
  • Enterprise agreement, Department, Account, Management groups and Subscriptions
  • Naming convention and tagging
  • Policy & Blueprint
  • Cost Management

Landing Zone

  • Network architecture
  • Hub-Spoke model and Firewall
  • Identity & Access Management (SSO, MFA, RBAC...)
  • Security patterns


  • Custom ARM Templates
  • Azure automation runbooks for OPS
  • Devops


  • Log Analytics & Alerting
  • Backup, Disaster recovery and business continuity

Day 2

We'll take half day to prepare you a report with the plan and recommendations, then we'll present it in 2 hours session