Azure Integration to Salesforce

Slalom Consulting

The Custom Salesforce Integration Solution on Azure Accelerator is a custom alternative to commercial middleware. It serves as a template project with basic Salesforce integration capability.

The Azure integration to Salesforce accelerator facilitates integration with Salesforce without the use of commercial middleware, such as MuleSoft. It provides both a cost-effective alternative solution, as well as a faster time to market.

Key Business Value Adds Include: An alternative to commercial integration products Dramatically lower cost of initial setup and ownership Supports REST API and data import/export with out-of-the-box code base for Salesforce integration Cuts the time on communication with cloud architects for designing and developing infrastructure by providing blueprints and customizable IaC Saves time and resources on initial solution design and foundation code development from 8 weeks to 2 weeks, with 1 architect + 2 engineers to 1 architect or engineer

Features of the Accelerator: Solves common integration problems between Salesforce and data sources Provides a template for developing APIs Provides a solution to batch loading data into Salesforce Utilizes Azure Integration Services to implement integration between Salesforce and data sources Can help Slalomers to quickly start up a custom integration solution project with Salesforce Shortens development time Lower cost than many commercial middleware solutions