Blockchain Feasibility: 4 Hour Workshop

Slalom Consulting

Industry-specific Blockchain Use Case Example Deck, Scorecard and Pilot High-level Solution Design

Slalom and Microsoft team up to leverage our joint expertise in helping enterprise understand and apply the key tenets of blockchain technology to solve real business challenges. This workshop explores the nexus of people, process, and technology to help both the uninitiated and those with a blockchain pilot or project which may be a bit stuck, develop an action plan and roadmap to bring solutions to your most pressing supply chain, inventory management and sourcing, or customer engagement challenges. Together we’ll explore key questions such as, “What’s my initial investment? What should I expect my ROI to look like?” and “How can blockchain solutions work with my existing systems? Do my engineering teams need to be upskilled?” The workshop will focus on identifying high-value target use cases within your organization and solution design. These components will form an actionable guide to set your organization on its journey to solve impactful business challenges with blockchain and related tech components. Our approach helps get you there in weeks, not months, focused on value. At Slalom, we partner with our clients to build tailored solutions to meet your needs, focused on business process and ways of working, aligning those functional components to technology. Microsoft’s Azure Blockchain Service delivers blockchain solutions backed by a trusted cloud provider, handling all technical components in a way that works within your existing Azure ecosystem, making getting started much easier than going it alone. Together, we’ll meet you where you’re at and build a foundation for success in solving your most critical business challenges. Deliverables will include an Industry-Specific Blockchain Use Case Example Deck and Use Case Scorecard and Pilot High-level Solution Design. Workshop can be broken down into multiple shorter sessions to equal 4 hours.