Cosmos DB Accelerator: 2-Week Implementation

Slalom Consulting

The goal of the Cosmos DB Accelerator is to simply demonstrate the main functionality of Azure’s NoSQL database.

Cosmos DB supports multiple data models and supports multiple API's for the data stored. Currently Slalom provides an accelerator for the SQL API.​

This accelerator includes:​ Templates to automate the provisioning of Cosmos DB and Accounts. ARM, BICEP and Terraform templates are provided.​ Four version of Retail data based on open source AdventureWorks database.​ A Windows console application developed using .Net C# which demonstrates:​ Automated creation of Databases and Containers​ on the Azure platform Load data into Cosmos DB NoSQL using provided four versions of AdventureWorks data files.​ Query and Update the data using SQL queries and Cosmos DB SDK methods.​ Provide basic analytical queries by joining data.​ Provide paginated queries.​ Delete databases​ as needed with 'quick clicks' A Readme markdown file with instructions on how to execute the templates and use the application menu items. The file includes links to four version of the data files and original AdventureWorks database backup file.​