Data Lakehouse: 8-week Implementation

Slalom Consulting

The Lakehouse accelerator is an all-in-one package for standing up a Data Lakehouse, using Terraform templates, DevOps components and metadata driven pipelines.

The Lakehouse accelerator helps clients get going faster and provides a framework to grow their data estate​.

The accelerator simplifies loading data into a Lakehouse so data teams can focus on what really matters - extracting value from data

The accelerator is an all-in-one package for standing up a Data Lakehouse​.

Cloud Infrastructure
The accelerator comes with Terraform templates that deploy all the necessary infrastructure needed to build a Lakehouse including a Databricks workspace, networking, storage, key stores, and an orchestration tool.​

It has all the necessary DevOps components required to run a development, testing, and production environment. Including pipelines to test, approve, and push deployments into each environment.​

Data Pipelines & Orchestration
Slalom’s technology takes advantage of metadata driven pipelines to reduce the time and effort needed to ingest new sources and extract all the value out of data. The accelerator includes all the needed parts to extract, transform, load, and curate datasets into the Lakehouse paradigm.​