ESG Data Workshop: 2-Hour Workshop

Slalom Consulting

This ESG Data Workshop is designed to help companies identify the next steps in their ESG Data Strategy - ensuring a leading position as organizations around the world join the race to net zero.

Managing operational decision making, in the realm of ESG, is difficult. Many companies are tracking their data with manual, time-consuming spreadsheet-based processes which often creates more challenges than it solves. It is critical to create a process that is adaptable to changes in business operations and requirements so that the information is readily available, accurate, and at the right level of granularity to enable timely decision making. Utilizing our extensive knowledge of the Azure Cloud Platform, and Microsoft's Cloud for Sustainability, Slalom will help you create an automated, repeatable, and auditable process that fits your organizations needs. Key areas that we will work with you to identify your ESG data needs include: Corporate ESG Reporting - We will help you enable annual ESG reporting. By using key resources like Azure Data Factory, and other data pipelining tools, we ensure proper data schemas and full connectivity across your disparate data sources. Management and Tracking of Actions - To track the impact of ESG actions being taken across all operational areas of the business your organization needs a sophisticated monitoring system on the cloud. Resources such as Azure Monitor serve as a foundation for us to build a bespoke monitoring experience for your team. Forecasting and Scenario Modeling - The ability to forecast expected impact on your footprint of actions taken, planned, or being taken is a sign of maturity in the ESG space. Azure is a cloud leader in its ability to facilitate high-end forecasting models that utilize your entire data estate.