Azure FinOps Maturity Strategy: 8 Hour Workshop

Slalom Consulting

Slalom enables clients to create Azure FinOps abilities that empower and educate people at all levels to make cost optimized decisions and create a culture of accountability.

Together, we can identify high value opportunities and plot the course forward.

Slalom will work with key client stakeholders to Discover, Design, and Deliver an 8-hour workshop aimed at providing the client team with a strong understanding of FinOps best practices and a high-level plan to accomplish their Azure Cost Management goals.

Client stakeholders across functions will take a FinOps Maturity Assessment Survey two weeks prior to the Workshop, answering questions spanning FinOps topics like Principles, Governance, Processes, Technology, Tooling, Talent Readiness, Culture, Metrics, Accountability.

The workshop will be comprised of Slalom SMEs who specialize in FinOps and Azure adoption, and the session will focus intentionally on critical elements of:
* Azure Finance Strategy
* Azure Cost Optimization
* Azure FinOps Operating Model

By the end of the workshop, stakeholders should have an understanding of crawl-walk-run journey to achieve financial success in Azure, specifically:
* Why is Azure FinOps important
* What are FinOps best practices and how to implement them
* How to modernize ways of working effectively
* How to approach a Proof-of-Concept plan for targeting specific challenges

Workshop Agenda:


* Identify key Financial Operations stakeholders as workshop participants, solicit relevant pre-existing collateral
* Tailor and preworkshop survey to align with desired workshop goals
* Receive & review survey responses and other material shared in advance

Customize workshop approach & materials based on input received with focus on:
* Understanding of the value propositions of Azure adoption to the whole enterprise
* Facilitating approach to defining vision statement
* Defining high level success metrics

Conduct cross-functional workshop over 2 days (with 4 hour block each day) to review the survey results, focusing on current state understanding, gaps and future state prioritization for:
* High-level FinOps strategy, drivers and principles
* Governance framework
* FinOps foundational processes
* Tooling requirements
* Metrics/KPIs
* FinOps Function
* Talent readiness
* Culture and Change Management

Post-Workshop Readout:
* High-level FinOps roadmap
* Pricing of Azure FinOps Maturity Strategy Workshop and further engagements based on scope of the engagements