Supply Chain Diagnostics: 2-Day Workshop

Slalom Consulting

The Slalom Supply Chain Diagnostics Workshop will help you create a clear logical narrative that identifies high-priority supply chain initiatives causing roadblocks in realizing value

Azure has a variety of services and solutions to modernize supply chains without ripping and replacing current technology. Slalom helps our clients understand their supply chain challenges and establish a roadmap to transform their business leveraging Azure to define a holistic solution. Example Azure technologies that support agile supply chain solutions include Data Lake and SQL storage, Azure Data Factory, & Azure Machine Learning. Slalom has experience using Azure resources to create a cloud environment that puts Customer Centricity, Agility, and Visibility at the forefront of outcomes. Supply Chain paint points often center around solving demand and capacity spikes, reducing promise time, and shipping optimization. With the Accelerated supply chain diagnostics workshop, Slalom will help your organization prioritize high impact supply chain problems where Azure can unlock immediate value, directly influencing Revenue, Cost, and Working Capital Improvements.