Azure OpenAI Jumpstart Kit: 4-Wk Proof of Concept

Slalom Consulting

Showcasing the value of Generative AI applications powered with customer data

Slalom is a leading partner in Azure OpenAI implementations alongside Microsoft. Our Azure OpenAI Jumpstart Kit showcases the value of Generative AI applications powered with customer data and Azure OpenAI Service. The kit demonstrates key capabilities leveraging Azure OpenAI Service such as: Universal Search, Secure and Private ChatGPT interface, and Integration with Content Repositories, and comes loaded with multiple, industry-specific scenarios.

Key Use Cases

  • Universal Search - run Azure OpenAI Service on your data with built-in Azure security and responsible AI filters

  • Scenarios - enable different business units, teams, and markets to load their own data in a decentralized knowledge ecosystem

  • Secure and Private ChatGPT - ChatGPT in your Azure environment with your security guidelines

  • Personas - enable user segmentation with customized personas for varied demographics

  • Regulatory Analysis - analyze regulations, policies, and compliance standards using Azure OpenAI Service

  • Structured Data and Image Insights

  • Federated Prompt Library


  • AI Powered Insights - traditional search and insights requires users to understand their keywords and review documents returned by search to determine derive insights. AI Powered Insights does this work for you

  • Secure and Private - leverages OpenAI APIs in customers' Azure environments, with no data leakage, and with access control mechanisms baked in

  • Rapid Prototyping - fully functional, modular Azure architecture encompassing API services, User Interface, Prompt Library, and API-based authentication mechanisms, allowing teams to move fast and show value

  • Customer Scenarios - our expertise across various industries and sectors have been leveraged to build specific industry scenarios and custom GPT tools to showcase the applicability of Azure OpenAI Service across markets

We have helped hundreds of organizations use AI to automate repetitive processes, gain efficiencies, generate insights, and make sense of complex patterns. Slalom will help you realize value quickly by defining and prioritizing use cases, then delivering solutions from proof-of-concepts to production-ready deployments.

  • Discover - art of the possible, use case prioritization, and path to value

  • Deliver - use case planning, proof-of-concept delivery, and testing & fine tuning

  • Deploy - user enablement, harden, measure & improve, and knowledge transfer

  • Enhance - platform monitoring, scaling, optimization, and resiliency improvements