Azure Assessment Service 5 Weeks

Slovak Telekom a.s.

Discover what has been deployed in your environment Analyze whether your applications can be moved to the Cloud Understand application performance and optimization needs

Our services enable you to identify which enterprise applications can be moved to the cloud, and will also bring to your notice the specific operating models, processes and technologies required to use the cloud technology. We use various cloud assessment tools to assess performance and capabilities of the various cloud services, thus bringing efficiency & accelerating your cloud adoption journey.

5 Weeks Azure Assessment Service

  • Cloud advisory, migration assessment & adoption strategy
  • Infrastructure consolidation assessment
  • Application portfolio assessment (business process, compliance, technology, processes, etc.)
  • Business case and TCO analysis

Our Azure Assessment Services will help you to analyse your application and infrastructure for cloud readiness, identify any remediation work needed and develop the case for Azure migration.


  • Cloud Feasibility Analysis
  • Environment assessment
  • Application portability assessment
  • Network Flow Analysis
  • Application Dependency
  • Migration plan including application move groups, migration waves .
  • TCO calculation
  • Cloud Compatibility
  • Cloud Comparison
  • Business Case for Cloud


  1. Initiate - 1. week
  • Project Kick off
  • Access Request
  • Platforms Config
  • Governance Mechanism
  1. Discover - 2. week
  • Scan
  • Classify
  • Analyse
  1. Assess - 3.week
  • Analyze gathered information (using proprietary tools / methodologies) based on Migration Evaluation Areas and dimensions
  • Information validation with each stakeholder & Operations team
  1. Recommend - 4. week
  • Detail out the Gap analysis report
  • Highlight the application & server readiness for migration
  • Recommendation of Migration path
  • Finalize assessment report within scope deliverables
  1. Cloud Advisory & Troubleshooting - 5.week