Modernization of web apps with Azure: 2h briefing

SMART business LLC

Get introduction to modernization of web applications and migrating them to the cloud

As a business user / sponsor / decisionmaker, get understanding of the benefits of migrating your existing web application infrastructure to the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform.

Get vision and understanding of how Cloud Adoption Framework applies to existing solutions and how to apply Azure Well-Architected Framework to achieve the best results in terms of costs, operational excellence, performance efficiency, reliability, and security.

During this 2-hour briefing, you will be introduced to who we are, what our team is, what Cloud Adoption Framework is and how to apply Azure Well-Architected Framework.

SMART business provides recommendations on the following main areas:

  • application migration from on-premises to Azure cloud
  • optimization of existing solutions in Azure cloud
  • scaling applications in Azure cloud
  • optimization of the cost of resources used.