Azure Data Analytics Managed Services: Monthly Support

Smartbridge, LLC

Monitoring and management services to deliver a reliable and stable data and reporting platform.

The Microsoft Azure Synapse cloud analytics platform is expected to deliver scalable cloud computing, and powerful analytic software to perform better data analysis, identify patterns, extract new insights, and support the reporting needs of the organization. The Smartbridge Azure Managed Services team expertly monitors and manages the Azure Data Analytics platform to maintain a stable system environment and address any technical issues as they arise.

The key objective of Azure Data Analytics managed services is to establish monitoring and management services on a long-term support model basis to deliver a reliable and stable data and reporting platform to the business stakeholders. In addition, the services will include a proactive approach to monitor and address potential issues to consistently improve and maintain the Data and Analytics platform.

A sampling of the Scope of Smartbridge Azure Managed Services: Applications Included in the Scope

  • Azure Subscriptions related to data platform (Dev, Test, Production)
  • Data pipelines that load data into Azure data platform (examples are Salesforce, SAP, Sales Data Warehouse, US Data Warehouse, IQVIA, Remetrex, QAD and PHD data sources.)

Services Included in the Scope

  • Monitor, Support & Manage Production Environment
  • Data Pipeline and Report code management
  • Troubleshooting

Smartbridge will provide managed services support during standard coverage windows as agreed upon. The service windows (day of week and time of day) will be defined for coverage types of Emergency/Critical Support, Normal Support, Scheduled Activities, and Overnight Monitoring.

Smartbridge typically provides the following deliverables:

  • Data Pipeline monitoring and Status Report
  • Monthly Reviews
  • Ticket Updates
  • Issue resolution/Root cause analysis report, as needed

Staffing can be comprised of a mix of onshore and offshore support, with team leads and a US-based account manager.