Azure Staff Augmentation: Monthly Support

Smartbridge, LLC

Temporary or ad-hoc staffing support. Fresh talent, scalable and flexible to build up your internal team of Azure experts.

For over 20 years, Smartbridge has been providing temporary staff and managed services to support HR, Finance and enterprise business applications. As a compliment to our strategy & advisory services, Smartbridge staffing for ad-hoc temporary requests is fulfilled by the same high-caliber consultants we offer for projects. Your emergency staffing needs deserve the best subject matter experts, and they’re right here at Smartbridge.

Reasons for using Smartbridge Staffing for Microsoft Azure

  • Implementations & Migrations - When first implementing a new software solution like Azure, you may need extra staff to help with the implementation and migration process. Alternatively, bring on our subject-matter experts to support your legacy systems as you work to bring new tools online.
  • Short-term Projects - Short-term projects or seasonal demand requires additional staff with specific skills or expertise in a particular area, such as reporting, data analysis, or system configuration. Smartbridge experts provide the necessary talent to complete these projects on time and without disrupting day-to-day operations.
  • Systems Integration - Smartbridge talent hold the specialized skills and knowledge to navigate the technical aspects of the Azure integration process. Gain flexibility, reduce risk and build internal capabilities with knowledge transfers while achieving integration success.
  • Cost Savings - Staff augmentation can be a cost-effective solution for businesses that need additional staff for a specific period of time. Instead of hiring full-time employees with benefits and salaries, you can leverage the expertise of Smartbridge consultants temporarily for a fraction of the cost.
  • Knowledge Transfer - Bring in outside expertise and knowledge that can be shared with existing staff to improve the overall capabilities of the team and lead to better outcomes for the business.

Available Talent for Azure Staff Augmentation

  • PROJECT MANAGERS -You may need project managers to oversee the implementation or migration of a new software solution. We offer experienced project managers to ensure the project is completed on time and within budget.
  • FUNCTIONAL CONSULTANTS - Functional consultants are experts in the specific functionalities of Azure, with capabilities to configure the software to meet unique needs. We provide functional consultants to help businesses get the most out of their software investment.
  • TECHNICAL CONSULTANTS - Technical consultants are responsible for the technical aspects of the software implementation, such as integration with other systems or custom development. Get the assurance you need that the software is integrated and customized correctly.
  • DATA ANALYSTS - Make sense of the data generated by your solutions. Our data analysts can create reports and dashboards to make informed decisions and extract the most value from your data.
  • SUPPORT SPECIALISTS - Smartbridge consultants are adept at troubleshooting issues and providing ongoing support to end-users. Our support specialists ensure that businesses are able to keep your Microsoft investment running smoothly.

Smartbridge staffing options and rates vary depending on your need. Contact us to learn more about how you need to supplement your internal staff and we can provide further details regarding staff augmentation rates.