Modern Data Platform Implementation in 30 Days

Smartbridge, LLC

This consultative engagement establishes a fully functional modern data platform. Design your optimal Azure architecture that supports data innovation featuring Azure Synapse and Power BI.

If you struggle with disparate, outdated, or legacy data platforms and decentralized systems, this new Azure architecture can drive major change in leveraging data strategically. Smartbridge will deploy a production-ready Azure Synapse environment with a data landing zone and enable analytics and reporting using Power BI.

Your new foundational cloud data analytics platform will provide you with the scalability to deliver actionable insights, and predictions, that drive innovation.

Final Deliverables may include:

  • Estimated monthly cost
  • Azure data architecture
  • Production-ready Azure Synapse environment with data landing zone
  • Ingestion pipelines for selected data sources
  • Analytics layer for reporting
  • Power BI report/dashboard

Tools we may deploy include:

  • Azure Data Factory
  • Azure Synapse Analytics
  • Azure Data Lake Storage
  • Power BI
  • Azure Databricks
  • Azure Data Sharing

A quick highlight of the stages Smartbridge typically provides in this engagement:

Stage 1:

  1. Workshop to understand your data analytics needs, sources of data, and data security requirements
  2. Design Azure architecture for immediate and future

Stage 2:

  1. Provision Azure Synapse and deploy blueprint
  2. Design and build source data ingestion pipelines
  3. Design and build a data analytics layer for reporting

Stage 3:

  1. Design and build Power BI reports
  2. Perform knowledge sharing sessions
  3. Recommend next steps

At the end of the engagement you will be ready to operationalize with or without assistance.

Terms & Conditions:
The 30-day implementation is based on the scope of work and may be shorter or longer depending on your specific needs.
Azure consumption services after build not included.

Smartbridge is experienced in deploying implementations across a variety of industries, including Energy/Utilities, Medical Device/Life Sciences, Retail/Restaurants/Food Service.

About Smartbridge

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