SmartbridgeGPT for Energy: 4-Wk Implementation

Smartbridge, LLC

Secure, private conversational AI solution accelerator built by an Energy and Oil & Gas IT consultancy. Generative AI with Azure OpenAI for enterprise knowledge.

SmartbridgeGPT: Enterprise Knowledge Management Solution Accelerator for Energy and Oil & Gas

There's no one better to ride alongside you on your AI journey than Smartbridge - a 20-year-old digital consultancy based in Houston. Our extensive experience supporting Energy, Utilities and Oil & Gas clients gives us insight into the unique challenge and industry disruptions.

Speed up your deployment of your own Conversational AI System for enterprise knowledge management.

SmartbridgeGPT is a secure, private GPT solution accelerator, meaning the framework is built, and ready for your data and branding. Smartbridge has deployed a working Proof of Concept for clients in as little as as 4 weeks and a full implementation shortly thereafter.

In today's world of AI, it's easy to get lost in the hype. However, SmartbridgeGPT stands apart by seamlessly blending AI technologies to create a solution that genuinely transforms the way you work.

Here's how SmartbridgeGPT is the missing piece in the puzzle:

SmartbridgeGPT’s Front-End

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP): Communicate effortlessly in your preferred language, be it English, Spanish, or more. Ask questions just like you would to a specialist, HR manager or support personnel.
  • User Experience (UX): Easily navigate sources and view exact pages being referenced. For example, SmartbridgeGPT will respond to a question about oil & gas upstream future opportunities with access to the sources and citations within the Supporting Content and Citation tabs.
  • Company-Branded Confidence: SmartbridgeGPT can be designed and white-labeled to instill trust, ensuring your team knows they're interacting with a company-approved AI tool.

SmartbridgeGPT’s Back-End

  • Powered by leading technologies such as Azure OpenAI and Azure Cognitive Services, etc. SmartbridgeGPT is backed by a robust, secure infrastructure.
  • Data privacy and security are paramount - search within your data without risking IP exposure. Think of SmartbridgeGPT as a private generative AI and conversational search tool built for the enterprise, meant to only expose employees to the relevant data, and prevent company data from being distributed outside the organization. SmartbridgeGPT seeks to comply with your own privacy regulations.

Value and Impact of a Private and Secure Conversational Generative AI Platform for Energy and Oil & Gas

Video Search: Streamline specialist training, onboarding and other related tasks with a comprehensive video library. Ensure accessibility and inclusion for all, by transcribing company videos and analyzing sentiment to jump right to the timestamp needed, and presented in multiple ways.

Empower business leaders and employees: Quickly find the relevant information needed to make the decision with citations, and dive deeper into the same topic, as if you are talking to an expert in that domain.

Employee Handbook and HR-related Searches: Simplify complex HR tasks and queries.

Production optimization, maintenance optimization, administrative functions: Expedite key processes through Generative AI and ML-enabled processes

Bid win prediction to assist with sales prioritization

Transform FP&A organizations with efficient, accurate predictive forecasting capabilities

If you're ready to embark on your Generative AI journey, Smartbridge is your trusted partner. Our solution accelerator expedites the deployment of your Conversational AI Systems for Enterprise Knowledge Management. Explore Smartbridge’s energy expertise by visiting

With SmartbridgeGPT, you're not just embracing AI; you're unleashing its full potential for your enterprise's success. Trust Smartbridge for unparalleled expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and let us help you solve complex problems and unlock opportunities that drive superior outcomes and processes.

The SmartbridgeGPT Proof of Concept (PoC) will be customized to fit your needs. Optional features may include user adoption analytics, user management controls such as Single Sign-On, and more.

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