Enterprise Risk Management Store Health Prediction: 2-Wk POC

Smartbridge, LLC

Monitoring and Prediction with Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Machine Learning and Power BI

This consultative engagement and solution focus on establishing a fully functional, limited Proof-of-Concept to develop predictive health indicators for mitigating business risk around store/location success.

An insight-driven approach led by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) can help address more complex questions, especially when it comes to risk management.

To mitigate business risk, Smartbridge has developed a solution to incorporate a combination of factors including revenue, customer churn, and brand reputation based on the current and future state of the company.

Enterprise Risk Management using AI for Monitoring and Prediction is ideal for:

  • Companies needing to mitigate risk across multiple retail or store locations
  • Industries or services where business risk can change quickly
  • Executives that need timely identification of at-risk stores or locations
  • Organizations already looking to embrace AI to develop predictive health indicators, but don't know where to start with Microsoft Fabric, Copilot and Azure OpenAI

In this POC, you can expect Smartbridge to develop a custom solution based upon:

  • Data sets available at the enterprise level
  • Data sets we deem are able to be derived from data science methods
  • Data sets that focus on Financial (POS transactions), Store Potential (demographics, geography), Customer Inputs (complaints/feedback)
  • Establishment of a store health equation based upon these three attributes
  • Based on AI maturity, the normalized data and equation can be modified to suite the business needs. Evaluate the potential use of Microsoft Fabric notebooks to train models and visualize results using Power BI

The final output of the POC will be a Power BI Dashboard, such as a Store Health Indicator Dashboard, that illustrates health scores, score changes and revenue predictions.

Industries Smartbridge has assisted include:

  • Restaurant chains (QSR, Fast Casual, Fine Dining)
  • Medical Device Manufacturers
  • Construction equipment rentals
  • Energy and Utilities

The customer may need licenses for:

  • Azure Synapse Analytics
  • Azure Machine Learning
  • Power BI Pro or Premium

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