Cloud Infrastructure Advisory

Smart Technologies (BD) Ltd.

We assist you in identifying which of your workloads are prepared to shift to the cloud with the Cloud Infrastructure Advisory service.

The initial phase, called Cloud Assessment, is when we identify the client's business and determine which cloud migration plan is most appropriate for a scalable, dependable, and affordable transition. To determine which applications should be prioritized for conversion, the work involved, the time frame, and the cost, we will build a roadmap for cloud migration. Through our Cloud Advisory Services, we act as a trusted advisor by responding to important inquiries, creating strategies, managing change, and offering unbiased guidance for a wide range of organizational, procedural, and technical concerns essential to the effective modernization of the cloud.

We offer you applicable best practices to assist you in achieving operational excellence, enhancing reliability, security, and performance, and reducing costs. Set up Advisor to concentrate on important optimizations by selecting target subscribers and resource groupings. Use the Azure portal, the Azure Command Line Interface (CLI), or the Advisor API to access Advisor. Or set up alerts to send you automatic notifications when new recommendations are made.

Our solution is intended to help you with cloud optimization while saving you time. You can immediately take, defer, or refuse the suggested activities that are part of the recommendation service. By enabling users to correct recommendations for numerous resources at once and with just a few clicks, Advisor Quick Fix accelerates and simplifies optimization at scale. The importance of the recommendations to your environment is ranked in order of our best judgment.