Enterprise Generative AI Platform with Azure Open AI- 4 Week Proof of Concept

SNP Technologies

SNP's Generative AI uniquely combines the latest innovations in natural language understanding, generative AI, retrieval AI models, and reinforcement learning.

As companies seek to harness Generative AI, they face the challenge of how to securely tap into corporate data at enterprise-scale. SNP solves the challenge with an Azure Enterprise Generative AI Platform tailored to effectively leverage your proprietary data to meet your business requirements.

With an Enterprise Generative AI Platform, you can enable capabilities... ▪ Customer Service Bot to empower 24x7 Chat Bot access to your knowledge base ▪ Data queries with natural language to return quantitative & qualitative information without writing T-SQL ▪ Sentiment analysis to gauge the emotional tone of posts in social media streams ▪ Recommendations based on patterns of user behavior to make user interactions more accurate and personalized ▪ Summarization to create instant meeting summaries to share with business partners and customers

In our 4-week engagement we work with you to identify up to two Generative AI capabilities for a proof of concept. We then architect and build a knowledge base and orchestration framework to support your Generative AI use case.

Engagement Deliverables ▪ Enterprise Generative AI Platform deployed in a dev/test environment ▪ Proof of concept ▪ Documentation

Next steps ▪ Pilot use case scenarios ▪ Production deployment ▪ Extend to more Generative AI use cases

Tech Stack Your proof of concept will include Azure resources, such as: • Azure OpenAI Service: ChatGPT, GPT3.5/4, Codex • Azure AI Services: Cognitive Services, Azure ML, Bot Service • Azure Data Services: Synapse, Fabric, Azure SQL, Cosmos DB • Power Platform: Low code Power App interface to AI Agents