MariaDB, PostgreSQL & MySQL on Azure- 2 Week PoC

SNP Technologies

SNP Technologies bring the power and ease of Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) to your open source data workloads.

If your organization has databases on AWS RDS, on premise or on virtual machines (IaaS), engage SNP for a Pilot deployment to Azure Cloud.

Let SNP demonstrate the performance, security, scalability and cost savings for your use case. The pilot provides the confidence to take the next step with SNP and Azure, and garner the benefits of PaaS for your MariaDB, MySQL and PostgreSQL workloads.

SNP's 2 Week PoC Offers:


  • Overview of the hosting process with Azure’s open source PaaS.
  • Understand the customer’s workloads and dependencies
  • Identify an application suitable for the Pilot.
  • SNP studies the application system, current infrastructure and usage trends from technical and functional perspectives.
  • Assessments of web and database tier are performed to ascertain compatibility with Azure PaaS.


  • SNP creates a solution blueprint with a recommended architecture and implementation approach for hosting the chosen application workloads.
  • Initial hosting of the workloads to demo & validate the functionality of the migration to Azure PAAS.
  • A successful pilot sets the stage for a production ready deployment.


  • Azure subscription setup
  • Assessment report
  • Architecture diagram
  • Migration plan walkthrough
  • Application deployed to Azure
  • Database migration to Azure ❖ Implementation documentation