Migrate On-premise VMWare to Azure VMWare: 4-Week POC

SNP Technologies

SNP's AVS Migration Services allows IT teams to migrate VMware-based workloads from the on-premise data center into Azure.

As organizations more than ever look for cost efficiencies, business stability, and consistency, choosing the most efficient migration path is imperative. This entails consideration of various workload scenarios and destinations, such as migrating on-premises VMware servers to Azure VMware Solution (AVS). SNP follows a 3-step approach to on-board your organization to AVS which consists of:

Step 1: Pre-requisites to be met by the customer:

  • Define business objectives w.r.t the Azure VMWare Solution.
  • An Azure tenant and subscription.
  • Establish one of the following connectivity types between the on-premise data center and Azure: Express Route Global Reach or Site to site VPN.
  • Identify 8-10 non-production workloads for migration during the POC.
  • SNP will review the status of all prerequisites during the engagement calls.

Note: Customer to help SNP to deploy necessary resources on Azure subscription and on-premise VMWare environment

Step 2: Azure VMWare Solution Planning and Design (Week 1 – 2)

  • Prepare Azure VMWare solution architecture with hosts, clusters representation.
  • Identify Azure subscription, region, resource groups, resource names for solution deployment.
  • Design the network architecture to connect AVS to other virtual networks in Azure.
  • Design the network architecture to connect AVS to on-prem using existing express route gateway or VPN gateway.
  • Design HCX connectivity.
  • Prepare deployment plan and plan for migration.

Step 3: Solution Setup with Server Migration ( Week 3 – 4)

  • Register the resource provider.
  • Deploy Azure VMWare Solution, configure NSX-T and storage policies.
  • Connect Azure VMWare Solution with Azure virtual network using Express Route Gateway.
  • Connect Azure VMWare Solution with on-premises environment using existing Express Route gateway or VPN gateway.
  • Install and configure VMWare HCX connector on Azure VMWare Solution and in on-premises VMWare environment to enable workload migration.
  • Migrate servers to Azure VMWare Solution.
  • Test connectivity between AVS, other virtual networks and between AVS and on-premises.
  • Discuss next steps w.r.t full scale implementation/migration


  • AVS cluster setup with 3 nodes and related configurations
  • Design and planning document with solution architectures, deployment plan & migration plan