Kubernetes on Azure- 1 Week PoC

SNP Technologies

SNP’s Azure Kubernetes Service helps customers manage their underlying container orchestration platform with a managed API driven cloud native platform that empowers you to provision and scale.

Kubernetes is the container orchestration platform of choice for organizations deploying cloud native applications. In this 1-week PoC , SNP’s application and platform engineers work with your team to re-host one of your existing applications in Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) -Microsoft’s managed service for Kubernetes. The workshop will focus on:

Day 1: Hands-on training covering: Kubernetes and AKS overview, cluster deployment, application deployment, monitoring, scaling, and DevOps

Day 2: Hands-on training covering: AKS networking options, storage management, Azure resource integration, cluster management, and ACI integration

Day 3: For an identified workload, we collaboratively whiteboard a cloud solution architecture and plan the PoC implementation.

Day 4: With guidance from SNP experts, you will compose the infrastructure and configuration as code and design a CI/CD pipeline using Azure DevOps.

Day 5: Proof of Concept Programming Day 5: Proof of Concept Deployment With guidance from SNP experts, you will deploy your PoC workload, and test its performance. We cap off the day with a discussion of next steps for your AKS adoption.