Application Innovation with AKS- 2 Day Briefing

SNP Technologies

Kubernetes is the container orchestration platform of choice for organizations deploying cloud-native apps. Ramp up your team with our 2 day briefing session on AKS.
SNP's 2-day briefing session offers: * An overview of Azure Kubernetes Services * The technical fundamentals of Kubernetes * How AKS works, its benefits, features and scenarios * Proven industry use cases and * How to plan your AKS implementation with best practices. SNP’s expert facilitators can conduct the seminar on-site or remotely. The format is a blend of PowerPoint driven lecture, instructor led demonstrations, and whiteboarding. DELIVERABLES: Day 1: * Learn the benefits of cloud computing and how Azure services facilitate modernization of application workloads. * Benefits of containers and orchestration. * Fundamentals of the Kubernetes open source container orchestrator and survey of the Kubernetes ecosystem. * An overview of Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), covering how AKS works, is deployed and administered, and advanced features and use cases. Day 2: * Deep dive into the Kubernetes API * Use of Azure DevOps tooling to build and deploy containerized applications to AKS * Planning your AKS Implementation: The considerations you need to account for when planning a highly available, production ready AKS cluster * Whiteboard exercise: An opportunity to discuss and whiteboard an Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) use case in your organization