SQL Server Modernization using latest SQL versions with Azure VMs and Azure PaaS services - 8 Week Implementation

SNP Technologies

Migrate your SQL Server workloads to the cloud to get the performance and security of SQL Server combined with the flexibility and hybrid connectivity of Azure.

As organizations now more than ever look for cost efficiencies, business stability, and consistency, choosing the most efficient migration path for SQL is imperative. This means, considering several different workload scenarios and destinations, such as migrating or modernizing your on-premises SQL servers to latest SQL version or to the same version or moving completely to the Azure with options of IaaS and PaaS.​

Once the landing zone setup is completed, our 4-step approach will covers:

  • SQL Server Modernization Discovery & Assessment​
  • SQL Server Modernization Design and Planning​
  • Modernize SQL server to Latest SQL VM or PaaS and Testing
  • Documentation, Knowledge Transfer, and Day-2 support​