Azure Adoption Framework- 4 Week Implementation

SNP Technologies

SNP technologies and Microsoft bring you the power of Azure Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) to enable your digital transformation and automation.

SNP's 4-week implementation delivers:

Azure Governance- SNP’s integrated security and consulting approach to implement policies, processes, and standards for architecture, acquisition, deployment, operation, and management of cloud computing. This focuses on:

  • Azure Subscription Management
  • Azure Role-based Access Management
  • Azure Policies
  • Azure Blueprints
  • Cost Management
  • Resource Graphs

Azure Hybrid Connectivity: SNP gives customers the ability to extend the on-premises network to Azure with consistent identity management, application logic, operations methodology, and other resources. This focuses on:

  • Express Routes
  • Virtual Private Networks
  • SD WAN
  • Application Delivery Controller

Azure Hybrid Identity: Enables organizations to have a common login to access the organization’s infrastructure and applications. This focuses on:

  • Azure AD Connect
  • Datacenter on Azure
  • Managed Domains
  • Federation on Azure
  • Seamless Sign-on with Azure Active Directory
  • Identity Services on Linux

Azure Security Management: Get a centralized way to manage your on-premise or Azure infrastructure. This focuses on:

  • Azure Security Center
  • Azure Sentinel
  • Azure Network Watcher
  • Network Security