Azure Security Enablement – 3 Weeks Implementation

SNP Technologies

SNP’s 3 week Azure security implementation gives customers a centralized way to manage their Azure ecosystem.
Our solution focuses on: * Identity and Access management: Define user access to critical information within the organization. * Network Security: Advanced cloud defences, Prioritized alerts and incidents, Integrated security solutions and Threat Detection. * Safeguard Data: Maintaining the integrity of data to ensure it is not accessible by unauthorized parties. * Application Security: Process of adding, and testing security features within applications to prevent security vulnerabilities. The 3 week implementation process covers: Week 1: * Customer discovery to understand the security posture of their current cloud infrastructure. * Assessment reports. Week 2: * Securing workloads on Azure based on the assessment reports. * Integration of marketplace appliance (If any). Week 3: * Recommendation Reports. * Working on remediations for improved cloud security. Deliverables: * Azure Infrastructure Security Assessment Reports. * Recommendation Reports. * Implementation Reports / Project Documents.