Datacenter Migration to Azure- 12 Weeks Implementation

SNP Technologies

Migrate your datacenter successfully with maximum efficiency and minimal downtime

As organizations now more than ever look for cost efficiencies, business stability, and consistency, choosing the most efficient migration path is imperative. This means, considering a number of different workload scenarios and destinations, such as migrating your on-premises Datacenter workloads natively to Azure Cloud. ​

Does your organization:​

  1. Want to move from CapEx to OpEx model by leveraging the power of Azure?​
  2. Migrate servers in the data center to Azure but don’t want to upgrade/replace aging hardware?​
  3. Migrate servers in the data center without many changes to the application or the OS and shift them to Azure.​
  4. Take advantage of additional years of security update support for legacy operating systems like Windows Server and SQL Server 2008 & 2012.​
  5. Take advantage of the scaling, automation, and rapid provisioning features of Azure for your workloads.​
  6. Want to take benefit from Azure’s High Availability, reliability, and resiliency while migrating your workloads?​
  7. Requirement for upgrading your network appliance with Fully managed Networking solutions like Azure firewall, and load balancer for migrated workloads?​

Our 4 step approach will cover assuming landing zone setup is complete

  1. Migration Discovery & Assessment​
  2. Cloud Migration Architecture Design​
  3. Implementation, Replication and Migrations.​
  4. Documentation, Knowledge Transfer, and Day-2 support​