Hybrid Cloud Solutions- 4 Week Implementation

SNP Technologies

The SNP Hybrid Cloud Solutions for Microsoft Azure is a powerful, enterprise-grade hybrid cloud platform designed to unlock a whole new level of cloud capabilities for customers

Our core services include:

  • Azure Governance - SNP’s integrated security and consulting approach to implement policies, processes, and standards for architecture, acquisition, deployment, operation, and management of cloud computing. Here we focus on- Azure Subscription Management, Azure Role-based Access, Azure Policies, Azure Blueprints, Cost Management.

  • Hybrid Connectivity- SNP provides customers the ability to extend their on-premises network to Azure with consistent identity management, application logic, operations methodology, and other resources. Here we focus on Express Route, VPNs, SD WAN, Application Delivery Controller

  • Security- With Azure, customers get the capability of centralized security management system for their on-premises infrastructure and Azure Cloud. Here we focus on Azure Security Center, Azure Sentinel, IAM and Network Security

  • Azure Arc- Customers get a single control plane with Azure Arc, which helps customers accelerate innovation across hybrid and multi cloud environment with simplified management, faster app development and consistent Azure services. Here we focus on Azure services to any infrastructure, Cloud Native Apps and Data Services.

SNP offers a 4 week implementation which includes:


  • Information collection (data forms, discussions, collaboration sessions, Q/A).
  • Evaluate infrastructure & Network.
  • Assessment based on SNP guidelines and framework


  • Evaluate the metrics gathered from ‘Discovery’ phase.
  • Technical Practice assessment of cloud adoption based on data gathered.
  • Identify cloud targets to on-premise infrastructure


  • Mapping of existing infrastructure and/or application to appropriate cloud service.
  • Application limitations (if any) on cloud migration –Advisory Report.
  • Recommend next steps.


  • Assessment kick off.
  • Complete customer landscape discovery.
  • Performance metrics collection.
  • Rationalize and arrive at categorization.
  • ROI analysis.
  • Technical Assessment Report Cloud Migration Roadmap
  • Recommendations on cloud transformation based on assessment.