Azure Security and Health Assessment : 1 week


Softcat's Azure Security and Health Assessment has been designed to provide a deep insight into your Azure environment and provide recommendations and remediation advice against the Azure WAF

As part of this assessment one of Softcat’s Microsoft certified technical consultants will use their knowledge and expertise within Azure, along with industry-leading tools, to assess your current Microsoft Azure infrastructure against the Azure Well Architected Framework. We will identify areas requiring improvement, and generate an overview assessment report.

What’s included:

The assessment will begin with a workshop to understand any particular areas of concern. The consultant will then investigate the environment and produce a report outlining our findings along with any remediation advice.

The areas evaluated during this assessment are:

  • Security
  • Reliability
  • Performance efficiency
  • Operational excellence
  • Cost optimisation

What does it cost?:

Several tiers are provided to ensure that the solution fits your requirement.

  • Standard - Up to 200 resources - Starting from £5,000
  • Medium- Between 201 and 500 resources - Starting from £6,000
  • Large - Between 501 and 1,000 resources - Starting from £8,000

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